Faculty Matters Newsletter

The Faculty Matters newsletter is distributed by FAME each week, highlighting upcoming professional development events, opportunities, and news. Faculty Matters is sent by email every Wednesday afternoon and is also posted on HealthBeat HUB.

College of Medicine faculty are added automatically to the Faculty Matters distribution list when hired, however, reach out to FAME@osumc.edu if you are not receiving the newsletter, or if you are a staff member and would also like to receive Faculty Matters.

We also recommend following “FAME” as a topic on HealthBeat HUB. To do this, go to the HealthBeat HUB home page, and type FAME in the top search bar. Next, select “Topic,” from the top menu, and then click “Follow” on the FAME topic.

A red banner with a newspaper icon that reads "Have something to promote in Faculty Matters?"
Please expand to read the guidelines for submitting a request to the Faculty Matters newsletter


Newsletter requests are not guaranteed to be included in Faculty Matters. FAME staff reserve the right to approve or deny requests or to determine the amount of time/number of weeks an event should be promoted in the newsletter. Events should be relevant to faculty, especially College of Medicine faculty. Priority will be given to promote news and events that are related to faculty career and professional development, networking, or engagement activities.

Please also note that FAME is not responsible for creating marketing materials for your event (i.e., headlines, blurbs, event descriptions, images, graphics, or other promotional materials). Please see below for submission instructions.

1.) Using the submission request below, provide the direct link to your article or story that has already been published in HealthBeat HUB


2.) Using the submission request below, provide all details and materials to market your event, including your story or event title/headline, description, and any related images or graphics.

Reach out to FAME@osumc.edu with any questions about the Faculty Matters newsletter.