Schedule for Spring 2022

Date           Presenter Topic
8/23 Michael White Planning Meeting
8/30 Shuaichen Chang Diagnostic Evaluation Benchmark towards Text-to-SQL Robustness
9/6 (No Meeting) (SIGDIAL)
9/13 Sam Stevens Foundation Model Encryption
9/20 Byung-Doh Oh On the larger-gets-worse behavior of G/OPT surprisal
9/27 Micha Elsner Towards community-centered morphological annotation
10/4 Andy Goodhart Using sentiment analysis to categorize legitimation arguments in speeches
10/11 Willy Cheung Targeted Linguistic Evaluation of Cataphora
10/18 Amad Hussain Data Augmentation using Paraphrase Generation and Mix-Up
10/25 Lingbo Mo Controllable Decontextualization
11/1 Nan-Jiang Jiang Explaining Disagreement in NLI
11/8 Vishal Sunder Fine-grained Semantic Knowledge Transfer to Improve RNN-T Performance in End-to-End ASR and SLU
11/15 Christian Clark Categorial Grammar Induction
11/22 Pranav Maneriker Stylometry on Reddit
11/29 Chris Brew (LexisNexis) NLP Beyond Academia
12/6 Ash Lewis TBA


The Computational Linguistics discussion group at OSU (Clippers) meets weekly throughout the semester to discuss ongoing research and share ideas. Anyone with an interest is welcome to attend.


We have been a local host for the North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad since 2010.