Schedule for Spring 2022

Date           Presenter Topic
1/11 Michael White Planning Meeting
1/18 Micha Elsner Rating the SigMorphon wug data with neural analogies
1/25 Sandro Maskharashvili and Symon Stevens-Guille Neural Methodius Revisited: Do Discourse Relations Help with Pre-Trained Models Too?
2/1 Moniba Keymanesh Fairness-aware summarization for justified decision-making
2/8 Byung-Doh Oh Computational Models of Sentence Processing and Syntactic Acquisition
2/15 Christian Clark Evidence for Composition Operations in Broad-Coverage Sentence Processing
2/22 Symon Stevens-Guille and Sandro Maskharashvili Regenerating Discourse Connectives in the PDTB
3/1 Byung-Doh Oh Analyzing the predictive power of neural LM surprisal
3/8 Ash Lewis and Ron Chen Current capabilities and future directions for an AlexaPrize Taskbot
3/15 No meeting Spring Break
3/22 Lingbo Mo Complex question answering
3/29 Vishal Sunder Tokenwise Contrastive Pretraining for Finer Speech-to-BERT Alignment in End-to-End Speech-to-Intent Systems
4/5 Willy Cheung Neural networks and cataphora
4/12 Nanjiang Jiang Explaining NLI disagreement
4/19 Ash Lewis Question Generation in Interactive Semantic Parsing


The Computational Linguistics discussion group at OSU (Clippers) meets weekly throughout the semester to discuss ongoing research and share ideas. Anyone with an interest is welcome to attend.

NLP/AI Talks

The AI seminar series frequently has NLP talks as well.


We have been a local host for the North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad since 2010.

Previous events hosted by the CLLT group (including ACL 2008 and a variety of other conferences and workshops) are listed on the old Events page.