Schedule for Autumn 2021

Date           Presenter Topic
1/19 Christian Brown et al “Language models are few-shot learners” (GPT-3)
1/26 Ash He et al “Revisiting Self-Training for Neural Sequence Generation”
2/2 Peter Joint enhancement and recognition of speech
2/9 Sara Moeller et al “Improving Low-Resource Morphological Learning with Intermediate Forms from Finite State Transducers”
2/16 Ahmad Context in Informational Bias Detection
2/23 no Clippers
3/2 Willy Uryupina et al “The ARRAU corpus”
3/9 Byung-Doh Grammar induction for morphologically complex languages
3/16 Vishal Handling class imbalance in low-resource dialogue systems
3/23 Pranav Stylometry for darknet forum analysis
3/30 Nanjiang Modeling disagreement in annotations
4/6 Ash Interactive semantic parsing
4/13 Cory Memory retrieval in the brain
4/20 Shuaichen Map understanding


The Computational Linguistics discussion group at OSU (Clippers) meets weekly throughout the semester to discuss ongoing research and share ideas. Anyone with an interest is welcome to attend.

NLP/AI Talks

The AI seminar series frequently has NLP talks as well.


We have been a local host for the North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad since 2010.

Previous events hosted by the CLLT group (including ACL 2008 and a variety of other conferences and workshops) are listed on the old Events page.