Clippers 3/26: Amad Hussain, A Review of RAPTOR: Can Tree-Organized Retrieval Improve a Virtual Museum Tour Guide

This week in Clippers (3/26) I will be presenting a review of the paper, RAPTOR: Recursive Abstractive Processing For Tree-Organized Retrieval ( This work seeks to semantically cluster packages within a corpus and hierarchically create summaries based upon these clusters. A retrieval system may then present the original passages or summaries to a downstream LLM for Retrieval-Augmented-Generation (RAG). The authors present SOTA results over question-answering answering tasks, especially that requiring multi-step reasoning. In our talk, we will review RAPTOR and seek to explore how it, and other related retrieval solutions, can be applied to the existing Virtual Museum Tour Guide project in collaboration with COSI. This will basically be a brainstorming session following a paper review so I am hoping for good discussion.