Faculty and Students in CLLT at OSU

There are currently seven CLLT faculty members in Linguistics and Computer Science & Engineering, as well as several other faculty members in related fields and/or departments. CLLT faculty meet often to work on joint projects, instruct and advise students, and coordinate the overall CLLT research focus. Below is a somewhat current listing of CLLT faculty, PhD students and recent graduates.

Current CL Faculty and Students
Former Graduate Students
Faculty in Related Fields

Current CL Faculty and Students

Name Faculty/Grad Department Research Interests
Alyssa Allen PhD Student, Advisor: Michael White Linguistics Dialogue Systems, Human-Machine Interactions
Willy Cheung PhD Student, Advisors: Michael White, Marie-Catherine de Marneffe Linguistics Anaphora, understanding NN, structured knowledge and NN
Christian Clark PhD Student,
Advisor: William Schuler
Linguistics Computational psycholinguistics, grammar induction
Sara Court PhD Student,
Advisors: Micha Elsner, Andrea Sims
Linguistics Computational modeling of morphology and typology, low-resource NLP
Marie-Catherine de Marneffe Faculty Linguistics Computational pragmatics & semantics, veridicality assessment, grounding meaning from Web data, textual entailment, coreference resolution, language acquisition
Micha Elsner Faculty Linguistics Discourse structure (narrative, local coherence, referring expressions), lexical and phonetic acquisition, Bayesian methods
Eric Fosler-Lussier Faculty CSE Statistical NLP, Spoken Dialog Systems, Speech Recognition
Tomiris Kaumenova PhD Student,
Advisor: Michael White
Linguistics Human-computer interaction, computational pragmatics
David King PhD Student,
Advisor: Micha Elsner
Linguistics Grammar Induction, Morphology, Syntax, Machine Learning, Natural Language Generation
Ash Lewis PhD Student,
Advisor: Michael White
Linguistics Dialogue Systems
Yi-Chien Lin PhD Student,
Advisors: Michael White, William Schuler
Linguistics Natural Language Generation, Cognitive Modeling
Pranav Maneriker PhD Student,
Advisor: Srinivasan Parthasarathy
CSE Text analysis augmented structured data (ontologies, graphs)
Lingbo Mo PhD Student,
Advisors: Huan Sun, Michael White
CSE Question Answering and Semantic Parsing
Byung-Doh Oh PhD Student,
Advisor: William Schuler
Linguistics Computational Semantics, Computational Psycholinguistics
William Schuler Faculty Linguistics Computational Psycholinguistics, Incremental Parsing and Interpretation, Spoken Dialog Systems
Luke Song PhD Student, Advisor: Yu Su CSE Knowledge-base systems
Sam Stevens PhD Student, Advisor: Yu Su CSE Foundation models, multimodality, language grounding
Symon Stevens Guille PhD Student, Advisors: Robert Levine, Carl Pollard Linguistics Categorial grammar(s), logic and logic programming, the syntax-semantics and syntax-phonology interface(s), ethics in NLP, and allusion
Vishal Sunder PhD Student, Advisor: Eric Fosler-Lussier CSE Spoken Dialog Systems
Yu Su Faculty CSE Natural language interfaces for a wide range of backend data and services such as knowledge bases, web tables, and APIs
Huan Sun Faculty CSE Data mining and machine learning, with emphasis on text mining and understanding, network analysis, human behavior understanding
Boshi Wang PhD Student,
Advisors: Huan Sun
CSE QA, Knowledge Reasoning, PLMs
Michael White Faculty Linguistics Natural language generation, spoken language and multimodal dialogue systems, paraphrasing

Former Graduate Students

Name Department Advisor Additional Information
Ahmad Aljanaideh CSE Eric Fosler-Lussier, Marie-Catherine de Marneffe Graduated 2021. Currently Faculty Lecturer at Bentley University.
Luiz Alexandre Amaral Linguistics and Spanish/Portuguese Detmar Meurers, John Grinstead Graduated 2007. Dissertation title: Designing Intelligent Language Tutoring Systems: Integrating Natural Language Processing technology into foreign language teaching. Currently at University of Victoria
Deblin Bagchi CSE Eric Fosler-Lussier Graduated 2019. Currently at 3M.
Stacey Bailey Linguistics Detmar Meurers Graduated 2008. Dissertation title: Content Assessment in Intelligent Computer-Aided Language Learning: Meaning Error Diagnosis for English as a Second Language.
Stephen Boxwell Linguistics Michael White, Chris Brew Graduated 2011. Dissertation title: A CCG-Based Method for Training a Semantic Role Labeler in the Absence of Explicit Syntactic Training Data. Currently Watson Core Developer at IBM.
Adriane Boyd Linguistics Detmar Meurers, Mike White Graduated 2008 (MS, CSE) and 2012 (PhD, Linguistics). Dissertation title: Pronunciation Modeling in Spelling Correction for Writers of English as a Foreign Language. Currently woking on the MERLIN project at Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen.
Kirk Baker Linguistics Chris Brew Graduated 2008. Dissertation title: Multilingual
Distributional Lexical Similarity
. Currently Technology Director at i3 Analytics.
Mike Calcagno Linguistics Currently at Microsoft Speech and Natural Language
Shuaichen Chang CSE Eric Fosler-Lussier Graduated 2023. Thesis title: Reliable Natural Language Interfaces to Heterogeneous Structured Data. Currently at Amazon.
Nick Cipollone Linguistics Currently at Microsoft
Mike Daniels Linguistics Detmar Meurers Graduated 2005. Thesis title: Generalized ID/LP Grammar: A Formalism for Parsing Linearization-based HPSG Grammars. Currently Software Development Engineer, Microsoft Speech and Language Group
Manirupa Das CSE Rajiv Ramnath, Eric Fosler-Lussier Graduated 2020. Currently at Amazon Search.
Paul Davis Linguistics Chris Brew Graduated 2002. Dissertation title: Stone Soup Translation: The Linked Automata Model. Currently works for Motorola.
Jon Dehdari Linguistics William Schuler Graduated 2014. Dissertation title: A Neurophysiologically-Inspired Statistical Language Model. Currently at DFKI GmbH and the University of Saarland.
Markus Dickinson Linguistics Detmar Meurers Graduated 2005. Thesis title: Error detection and correction in annotated corpora. Currently Assistant Professor at Indiana University.
Manjuan Duan Linguistics William Schuler Graduated 2019. Currently Applied Scientist at Amazon.
Alex Erdmann Linguistics Marie-Catherine de Marneffe Graduated 2020.
Dominic Espinosa Linguistics Michael White Graduated 2011 (MA).
Anna Feldman Linguistics Chris Brew Graduated 2006. Dissertation title: A cross-language approach to rapid creation of new morpho-syntactically annotated resources. Currently Associate Professor at Montclair State University.
Whitney Gegg-Harrison Linguistics Craige Roberts Graduated 2006 (MA). Currently a graduate student in cognitive science at the University of Rochester
Jean Godby Linguistics Craige Roberts Graduated 2002. Thesis title: A computational study of lexicalized noun phrases in English. Now works at Office of Research at OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc.
Jirka Hana Linguistics Carl Pollard Graduated 2006. Dissertation title: Czech Clitics in Higher Order Grammar. Currently a Senior Researcher at Charles University, Prague.
Ilana Heintz Linguistics Chris Brew, Eric Fosler-Lussier Graduated 2010. Dissertation title: Arabic Language Modeling with Stem-derived Morphemes for Automatic Speech Recognition. Currently working at Raytheon BBN Technologies.
DJ Hovermale Linguistics Chris Brew, William Schuler Graduated 2011. Dissertation title: Erron: A Phrase-Based Machine Translation Approach to Customized Spelling Correction. Currently at at Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory.
Evan Jaffe Linguistics William Schuler Graduated 2021.
Martin Jansche Linguistics Chris Brew Graduated 2003. Thesis title: Inference of string mappings for language technology. Currently works for Google Research, New York, NY.
Nan-Jiang Jiang Linguistics Marie-Catherine de Marneffe Graduated 2023. Thesis title: The Why and How of Label Variation in Natural Language Inference. Currently works for Google.
Lifeng Jin Linguistics William Schuler Graduated 2019. Currently Senior Researcher at Tencent AI.
Preethi Jyothi Computer Science and Engineering Eric Fosler-Lussier Graduated 2013. Dissertation title: Discriminative and Articulatory Feature-based Pronunciation Models for Conversational Speech Recognition. Currently Assistant Professor at IIT, Bombay.
Joo-Kyung Kim Computer Science and Engineering Eric Fosler-Lussier Graduated 2017. Dissertation title: Linguistic Knowledge Transfer for Enriching Vector Representations. Currently Applied Scientist at Amazon Alexa.
Jianguo Li Linguistics Chris Brew Graduated 2008. Dissertation title: Hybrid Methods for Acquisition of Lexical Information: The Case for Verbs. Currently at the Applied Research Center, Motorola.
Arantxa Lozano Linguistics Detmar Meurers Currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at Wittenberg University
Xiaofei Lu Linguistics Detmar Meurers Graduated 2006. Dissertation title: Hybrid Models for Unknown Chinese Word Resolution. Currently Assistant Professor at Penn State University.
Taylor Mahler Linguistics Marie-Catherine de Marneffe, Judith Tonhauser Graduated 2022. Currently Market Researcher at University Hospitals, Cleveland.
Dennis Nolan Mehay Linguistics William Schuler, Chris Brew Graduated 2012 (PhD). Dissertation title: Bean Soup Translation: Flexible, Linguistically-motivated Syntax for Machine Translation. Currently at BBN Technologies.
Vanessa Metcalf Linguistics Detmar Meurers Graduated 2004 (MA).
Scott Martin Linguistics Carl Pollard, Craige Roberts Graduated 2013. Dissertation title: The Dynamics of Sense and Implicature. Currently research scientist at Facebook.
Jeremy Morris CSE Eric Fosler-Lussier Graduated 2010. Dissertation title: A study on the use of conditional random fields for automatic speech recognition. Currently Assistant Professor of Practice at Ohio State.
Crystal Nakatsu Linguistics Michael White Graduated 2009 (MA). Currently Linguistic Engineering Tech Lead Manager at Facebook.
Denis Newman-Griffis CSE Eric Fosler-Lussier, Albert Lai Graduated 2020. Currently Postdoctoral Researcher at U. Pittsburgh.
Peter Plantinga CSE Eric Fosler-Lussier Graduated 2021. Currently at J.P. Morgan Chase.
Rohit Prabhavalkar CSE Eric Fosler-Lussier Graduated 2013. Dissertation title: Discriminative Articulatory Feature-based Pronunciation Models with Application to Spoken Term Detection. Currently research scientist at Google.
Preethi Raghavan CSE Eric Fosler-Lussier, Albert M. Lai Currently at IBM TJ Watson
Monica Rajamanohar ECE Eric Fosler-Lussier Graduated 2005 (MS). Currently Technical Consultant at Heiler Software.
Raja Rajkumar Linguistics Michael White Graduated 2012. Dissertation title: Linguistically Motivated Features for CCG Realization Ranking. Associate Professor, International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, India.
Nathan Rasmussen Linguistics William Schuler Graduated 2021. Currently Computational Linguist at Glossika.
Anton Rytting Linguistics Chris Brew, Eric Fosler-Lussier Graduated 2007. Dissertation title: Preserving Subsegmental Variation in Modeling Word Segmentation. Currently Associate Research Scientist at the Center for the Advanced Study of Language (CASL), Maryland.
Marten van Schijndel Linguistics William Schuler Graduated 2017. Dissertation title: The Influence of Syntactic Frequencies on Human Sentence Processing. Currently Assistant Professor at Cornell.
Prashant Serai CSE Eric Fosler-Lussier Graduated 2021. Currently at Facebook.
Cory Shain Linguistics William Schuler, Micha Elsner Graduated 2021. Currently postdoc at MIT.
Chaitanya Shivade CSE Eric Fosler-Lussier, Albert M. Lai Graduated 2016. Dissertation title: How sick are you? Methods for extracting textual evidence to expedite clinical trial screening. Currently Research Staff Member at IBM Almaden Research Center.
Darla Shockley CSE Eric Fosler-Lussier Graduated 2010 (MS).
Adam Stiff CSE Eric Fosler-Lussier Graduated 2020. Currently NLP Scientist (Dialogue) at Infoscitex Corporation.
Laura Stoia CSE Donna Byron Graduated 2007. Dissertation title: Noun phrase generation for situated dialogues. Currently a software engineer at Google.
Na’im Tyson Linguistics Cynthia Clopper, Eric Fosler-Lussier Graduated 2012. Dissertation title. Exploration of Acoustic Features for Automatic Vowel Discrimination in Spontaneous Speech.
Nathan Vaillette Linguistics Chris Brew Graduated 2004.
Yu Wang CSE Eric Fosler-Lussier Graduated 2007 (MA).
Andrew Watts Linguistics Detmar Meurers Graduated 2006 (MA).
Tim Weale CSE Eric Fosler-Lussier, Chris Brew Graduated 2010. Dissertation title. Term relatedness from Wiki-based resources using sourced PageRank. Currently working for the Department of Defense.
Sirui Xu CSE Eric Fosler-Lussier Speech recognition


Faculty in Related Fields

Within Linguistics and CSE, as well as in other departments, there are several faculty members working on closely related topics:

Other faculty members in Psychology:

  • Gail McKoon (psycholinguistics, reading, human memory, knowledge representation)
  • Alexander Petrov (learning, models of learning, symbolic cognitive architectures, neural networks)

Other faculty members in Linguistics working in related fields:

Other faculty members in Computer Science and Engineering working in related fields:

Former faculty at other institutions with whom we have a close relationship:

  • Donna Byron (machine-human dialogue, discourse processing, anaphora resolution, collaborative interaction), currently at IBM
  • Chris Brew (robust natural language processing using statistical and probabilistic ideas), currently at Digital Operatives
  • Simon Dennis (human memory, language processing, episodic recognition, serial recall, extraction of propositional information from text), currently at University of Newcastle
  • Albert Lai (biomedical Informatics, information extraction and retrieval, temporal reasoning), currently at Washington University
  • Detmar Meurers (constraint-based processing, corpus annotation, iCALL, syntax, HPSG), currently at Universität Tübingen
  • Alan Ritter (machine learning and knowledge extraction), currently at Georgia Tech
  • Clayton Rothwell (spoken dialogue systems, clarification dialogues, prosody semantics interface), currently at Infoscitex Corporation
  • Wei Xu (machine learning, natural language processing and social media), currently at Georgia Tech