Week 5: Web-Enhanced Listening and Viewing Stratigies

Getting a great grade is the expectation of every student. But what the prerequisite of doing well in your study? Let’s get it!

First, you should have the effective listening strategies. Effective listening involves not just the act of listening to a lecture, podcast, or video. It also involves what you before to prepare your mind and environment to take the information. More importantly, it involves what you do afterward to reflect on what you have learned and check your understanding and memory. Some tips may help you! https://open.lib.umn.edu/collegesuccess/chapter/4-3-are-you-really-listening/

  • Clear your mind of anything else and focus on what is being said.
  • Look for nonverbal signals as well as the words used. Nonverbal message come from facial expression, body positioning, and tones of voice.
  • Ask question. Don’s assume.

Second, taking notes properly help you become a better student. Some students may like typing notes, while others may like writing on paper. Both are effective if you use correct method to take notes.

  • Prepare well before you get to class. Make sure your laptop is fully charged or your notebook is in your bag.
  • Structure the outline no matter how you take notes. An outline can help you understand the relationship and ideas better.
  • Make sure mark the important words in distinctive color or shape. These are what you will see on your exam!

Hope these tips are helpful to all of you!

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