Week 7: Maintaining Motivation

This week we learned how to help to build and sustain the motivation. Although some students have their own way to be motivated, motivation is still necessary under the stressful college life.

So how to find the motivation first? Motivation comes from intrinsic sources related to your own growth and interests as well as extrinsic sources related to your hope. If you want a motivator, your study environment can be considered as one of them. Depending on preferences, some students like a quiet place to study, while others do not really care about this. If you find a true place for you to concentrate on study, just keep it. A comfortable study environment is a motivator. Another way to build your motivation is to eliminate distractions around you, like turn off the email and instant messaging apps. Some app or websites can also help you, like Freedom, SelfControl, and Cold Turkey.

After building your motivation, how to sustain it becomes important. The first thing you can do is to manage your stress and leave free time to yourself. Having a good night’s sleep and exercising are two easy way to manage the stress. If you want have a good sleep, you should aim for a consistent bedtime and develop a nighttime routine to help you fall asleep faster. And exercise is not only good for you to release stress but also good for improving your memory. So finding a way that fits you and just keep it!

Hope these suggestions are helpful to you!