Week 2: Communicating and Collaborating

The ability to communicate effectively is an essential skill in today’s world. Communicating in person is pretty ordinary and familiar to most of us. But do you know how to have a good and effective communication online? Let’s get it!

This week we learned how individuals engage with one another online and the etiquette of the web. When communicating with someone online,  remember that your audience cannot see your facial expression and body or hand movements, and cannot hear your tone of words. All of these mean that you should be fully aware of how your audiences interpret the context in order to avoid misunderstandings. So what can we do to avoid unnecessary troubles and have good online communication? Usually there are three tools for online communication for students: email, discussion board, and group communication.

First, email is a universal communication method today. It is important to present yourself first when you write emails to your professor.

  • Always consult the syllabus and Carmen page before asking questions!
  • Do not abbreviate when you email someone!
  • Take one second to spell check!

Second, communicating via discussion board represents your ability to share different perspectives with various classmates.

Third, group communication is important in your college life and future career.

Hope these tips are useful to you!