Week 4: Web-Enhanced Reading and Study Strategies

Have you been struggling with reading and studying after-class?

YES, I have! I always cannot focus well after class, so I have a low efficiency in reading and studying. But this week, we learned how to improve reading and studying through webs! Let’s take a look!

Today college instructors expect us to go through readings on our own first, and they will comprehend the material in class later. So understanding the reading outside class shows importance for us following the instructor in class. To have most of the reading done, developing effective strategies is the prerequisite. Here are some tips for you to read online!

  • Always highlight important information and review it in 1 day and 1 week
  • Use margin to summarize the primary ideas
  • Draw diagrams to support your understanding (It works to me the most)

After reading the material, you probably have to interpret it on your own first. So using some tools is a better choice helping inĀ  your study. Here are some study tools we learned this week!

These resources are amazing, but it is more important to use them correctly. If you are going to have a exam, you can use Quizlet to test yourself first and to see what you need to review next. Or you can also use Memorize to enhance your memory as well as study efficiency.

Hope these resources are helpful to you!

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