Module 3: Efficiency in the Digital Age

The most useful thing I have learned this module is that you can use technology to manage technology. Technology has always been one of my largest distractions and something that has been around throughout my lifetime so finding a way to manage my digital distractions would be a wonderful way to start getting back on track and regaining control of my time. Something in this module I have already put into use is blocking out time to do things like homework and it has worked out great, however doing that now is mostly on a computer where is is very easy for me to get off topic.

What I would like to put into practice most in this module is getting a distraction blocker and putting my favorite social media sites on there so I can activate it during the times of day that I study so I get more in the routine of not being distracted by technology. The advice I would give to others going through similar issues is to try a blocker as well and create a supportive environment for yourself as mentioned later in the module to make it easier for you to get and stay on track.

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