Module 7: Maintaining Motivation

The most useful thing I learned this module is that finding motivation can come from more sources than just trying to get a good grade. It can stem from wanting to do well, but it can also be from other factors such as your own personal curiosity to something closer to getting ahead to manage your stress. Something that I have already used from this module is listening to lower volume music in the background of my studying. For some reason I cannot focus when it is silent so having something to listen to helps me stay on track.

Some ideas from this module that I would like to put into practice at some point in the future is the idea of getting up earlier in the day even if I don’t have classes. Anything to get me moving earlier in the morning to help set the theme of my day rather than lounging around. I was considering getting up and getting my workout in before having breakfast to get my body moving.The advice that I would give to students regarding this module is to look to more than just one factor for your motivation. Good grades are nice, but consider seeing how the information you are learning now will be useful to you later on.

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