Module 5: Web-Enhanced Listening and Viewing Strategies

The most important thing I learned this module and the one that is probably most prevalent is how to properly take notes. Looking at the first video on slide 6 it is clear that notes do much to support your learning. The video also mentions how it is important to make sure you don’t just memorize things like terms, but actually understand them. Something I have already put into practice in this module is talking to someone about a topic to help me remember and understand it better. It seemed to work out very well for me as it was a pharmaceutical test and I ended up passing it with flying colors even though a week before the test I was struggling.

An idea from this module that I could practice in the future is taking notes in a way that will deepen my thinking rather than just writing down the lecture and not processing as much. I would attemptĀ  to start doing this by stopping to bring my laptop to classes in the future and just taking notes won paper. The advice I would give to those who are also struggling with making the most of their note taking is attend all your classes and do your best to stay engaged in the class while only taking notes on key points.

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