Module 4: Web-Enhanced Reading and Study Strategies

The most useful thing I learned from this chapter was the section about remembering what you read starting on slide 12. More often than not when it comes to school readings I find myself either zoning out or having to re read paragraphs because the information goes in one ear and out the other. Something specific from this section that I have already put into practice was simply highlighting important points from my notes. This worked out about as well as I assumed it would which was more along the lines of just drawing my eyes to the important topics and not necessarily helping me to remember them.


Something that I would like to put in practice that I discovered in this module is exercising more to help increase my attention span and help with smoother information processing. My plan is to wake up an hour earlier than I normally do in order to get a workout in before I start working on school assignments. Based off of what I read this module I would recommend for students like me to try doing school work in short focused bursts earlier in the day and to also try out exercise to see if it helps you with your focus.

Module 3: Efficiency in the Digital Age

The most useful thing I have learned this module is that you can use technology to manage technology. Technology has always been one of my largest distractions and something that has been around throughout my lifetime so finding a way to manage my digital distractions would be a wonderful way to start getting back on track and regaining control of my time. Something in this module I have already put into use is blocking out time to do things like homework and it has worked out great, however doing that now is mostly on a computer where is is very easy for me to get off topic.

What I would like to put into practice most in this module is getting a distraction blocker and putting my favorite social media sites on there so I can activate it during the times of day that I study so I get more in the routine of not being distracted by technology. The advice I would give to others going through similar issues is to try a blocker as well and create a supportive environment for yourself as mentioned later in the module to make it easier for you to get and stay on track.

Module 2: Communicating and Collaborating

After reading through module 2, I found the section about blogs to be the most useful thing I learned.  In particular the video on slide 18 that explains how blogs work and what makes them something people would want to read among other topics relating to blogs. I personally have never had the desire to make a blog; however that is also due to the fact that I assumed that blogs were mostly sites people would use like an online diary. The main reason why I found this particular area of module 2 to be useful to me is because of the switch OSU made to an online learning environment.  I have seen more and more classes requiring the use of blogs whether it is an ongoing project for their class or just a one-time assignment.

A few of the topics I found most relevant to me in the video was learning that blogs are a collection of posts where readers can comment on each individual post to create a discussion. Another important piece of information, even though it may sound silly, is that each new blog post appears at the top of the screen rather than the bottom which is what I am accustomed to. Lastly it’s mentioned that what makes each blog special is your unique perspective on the topics you choose to blog about which in turn can help you to make relationships with your readers and others who have similar interests.