Just in time for Halloween – ZOMBIE PANDEMIC


Dead Alive

Night of the Living Dead

Cemetery Man

These classic movies and other zombie offerings on TV, in books, and in other media, all have the potential of making us scared to go out at night.  Sure, these are flights of literary fancy, or are they?  Is that your friend, your suitemate, your neighbor, or SOMETHING ELSE?????

The horror motif can certainly get us thinking.  That’s why the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention brings us another episode of their Zombie stories, this time in the novella “Zombie Pandemic“.   Our heroes, Julie and Todd, and Max the dog, discover a street full of zombies in their neighborhood.  What do they do?  Are they prepared to survive the night? 

As you sit in Thompson reading this, just think:

  • Would you know where to go if Thompson and the Oval were being evacuated in a weather emergency?
  • Would you be able to stay in contact with family and other supports if your cell was dead or the cell networks were down?
  • If there was an outbreak of illness on campus and you found your roommate sick in their bed, would you know where to advise them to get help?

Being prepared means having some basic equipment for emergency situations, but also thinking through the possible answers to all those “what would you do…” questions.  The CDC has even published a personal checklist for you to use to get ready.

Tornados, man-made threats, virus outbreaks, all of these are far more likely than a zombie pandemic.  I mean, unless you start noticing the…..slow…..movements…..and the slurrrrrrrred……….speeeeech……and…….AAAARRRRGGGGH!!!!!!!!

Be prepared.  You’ll sleep better.

Roger Miller, MD
Student Health Services
The Ohio State University