Addressing your vaccine needs

We have recently posted a few news items about immunizations, including the current adult immunization schedule, H1N1 flu updates, and information on Pneumococcal vaccine.  There is also new state legislation on the move that will require residence hall students to provide proof of certain immunizations, starting in 2010.  Finally, with the influenza outbreak, we anticipate there will be a lot of interest in our flu vaccine programs for this fall, as well as any H1N1-specific vaccine that comes along. 

Our questions to you:  How are you doing with keeping up with your shots?  Do you keep a personal shot record with you here at school?  If you needed a vaccination, do you know how to get it done through your doctor at home or here at Student Health? 

Please reply to our blog so that we can get a discussion going about these general questions.  Of course, as always, if you have specific questions about getting care at Student Health, email us directly at

Have a healthy summer!

Roger Miller, MD, for BuckMD