Starting a Regulated Lifestyle: Meet with Trello

After first encountering with Trello, I realized that a tool could help me so profoundly about how to regulate my work. I believe that the majority of people do not plan a lot about our life. And that also came up with the problem called procrastination. It means that people will not do their work until the very last minute of the deadline. It is also true for me since I used to finish my homework in the last minutes by the deadline, although I know that this is not a good habit but I just could not or would not change. I even forgot my homework once and got zero for that homework. It is really embarrassingĀ for me since I am always proud of my grades and could not accept the reason for me to get a low grade is because I do not plan my tasks well. But then I first met with Trello, which is an organizing tool that helps you to view your progress toward finishing tasks and allocate time accordingly. After I wrote down every task that I need to finish, I have a more clear picture of how I am gonna approach to each task.

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