The Importance of Online And Self Studying

Self-studying is a key element if you want to succeed in online courses. Although group working could provide students with a variety of thoughts and more interests while studying, people tend to be distracted while they were having a group studying. I have to admit that group learning could have a better memory toward knowledge since once you explain certain materials to other people, this knowledge is being transformed into your own words and you mastered it. But while someone asks you questions when you were focusing on your material, it is also easy for you to lose your ideas.

For online courses, people do not usually meet physically and self-studying becomes really important. Personally, I prefer to study alone since no one will distract me. And some people would ask what if I had questions while studying? The answer to that question is simple. While I have difficulty understanding some materials, I will write it down immediately and while finish all the materials almost 90% of the problems could be solved. I believe that majority of students will have questions while they are studying instead of rushing to professor’s office to ask for answers, I suggest finish all the materials and then look back what you were confused before. And another tip is to ask your professor for help, not your classmates. Because your teacher will know the materials better than your classmates and when you have questions the best solution is to ask your teacher for help.

Select the right place and time for better results. I prefer to study at home or in the library because they are usually very quiet. But I know that some of my friends really enjoying studying outdoor. So, everyone has their own studying style and just choose the one that will make you feel most comfortable.  But the tips here are not staying where is too comfortable. Sometimes I will fell asleep while looking at some tedious paper on the bed. Since my bed is so soft and lying on it always make me feel sleepy. So, choosing somewhere that is not too hard or too comfortable for you. Also, studying time is important. Some people like studying in the morning and some people prefer studying at night. Either is fine just choose whenever time you felt most energetic and have most efficiency.

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