iOS Apps for Teaching and Learning: ODEE Webinar

This webinar focused around the implementation of various iOS apps in teaching. The consideration is made to whether or not these apps are student-centers or instructor-centered tools, and the webinar discussed Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy and the skills that each tool can illicit.

Apps that were demonstrated include:

Canvas Teacher

  • A mobile app designed to make adjusting your Carmen course, giving feedback and grading as easy as possible.


  • A fully featured note taking app that can sync audio with your notes. ($9.99 one time)


  • A mobile app designed to easily make short videos with text, graphics and effects

Adobe Spark Video

  • A mobile app designed to easily make great videos using video, photos, text, icons, music and voiceovers.


  • Microsoft’s very powerful note taking app that you can use for free with Office 365.

Explain Everything Whiteboard

  • A mobile app designed to communicate visually in a myriad of ways. ($9.99 one time)


  • A task manager and timer that can be used many ways


  • A web based app that uses artificial intelligence to provide you with professional drawings you can use many ways.
  • AutoDraw’s Website:

Swift Playgrounds

  • An app to learn and experiment with the basics of the Swift programming language.


  • A super easy way to create a Podcast and post it to Apple Podcasts and Google Play Music.

Adobe Spark Page

  • Create a beautiful web story with text, photos, video and themes.



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