Shape Grammar Project

Composition made through exploring how the elements and principles of design are used as organizational and communicative tools.

Perspective Project

Detailed one-point perspective drawing of what my ideal workspace would be.

2D to 3D Project

3D form made from Bristol paper based on an exploration of 2D shapes.

Space and Time Walk Project

Map of light and plant life to show the path from Hayes Hall to Mirror Lake.

Mandala Project

Exploration of abstractions and patterns to create a Mandala.

Mashup Project

Creating a new word by mashing two existing words together and using isometric drawing techniques to communicate the new words definition.

Sketchbook Project

Sketchbook made through utilizing resources such as the laser cutter to create a place to organize and help the creative process.

Deep Space Project

A visual representation of love flowing through two brains using deep space.

Mask Up Project

Design and construction of a three-dimensional masking form or body augmentation based on a chosen pandemic and narrative.

Dynamic Pages Project

A stop-motion animation that emphasizes the formal principle of movement informed by a musical selection based on a concise narrative.

Gifting Design Project

Designed “gift” intended to explain or highlight an idea understood as fundamental about design.

Checkmate Project

Use of chess rules, mechanics, and goals of the rule system of chess to redesign the game pieces.