Angela Acosta’s Poem ‘Life on Hold’

One thing that we have had to come to terms with during the pandemic is putting life on hold. In this poem, Angela Acosta pinpoints the frustrations that we put up with so that we can protect the lives of others.

Angela Acosta is a PhD student in Iberian Studies at The Ohio State University. She returned to writing poetry in English and Spanish during the pandemic to document her experiences and write alongside the Spanish women writers whose creative lives she uncovers in her research.

Also access it here in a MS Word accessible document: Life On Hold.

2 thoughts on “Angela Acosta’s Poem ‘Life on Hold’

  1. Although I am in a different place, different age in my life, Angela’s feelings seem universal. How do you make sure your time “on hold” is not wasted? I’ve asked myself that many times! But, I love the feeling of hope…”But there’s too much love here for me”.

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