International Writing

Alongside our Ohio poetry contributors, as part of our partnership with Magma Poetry journal and the Arts Council of England, we will also be adding some international contributors:

From Canada

Naomi Foyle, ‘Ghazal: Touch Me’


From England

Sue Dymoke, ‘Out of time’

Jennifer Keevill, ‘My Year Without an E String’

Alwyn Marriage, ‘Theft and restitution’

Vanessa Napolitano, ‘Landlocked’

Penelope Shuttle, ‘The Child’s Childhood’ – a poetry film by Catriona Bruce

Rachel Spence, ‘8.15am, 18 March 2021, Ludlow’

Rodney Wood, ‘Tourist Report’


From Ireland

Dermot Bolger, ‘Poem During a Pandemic for Patricia Lynch’

Marguerite Doyle, ‘Twenty-First Century Heroes’


From India

Aaliya Sehar, ‘The Year is 2020’


From Nigeria

Chinua Ezenwa-Ohaeto, ‘I Will Let You Know When I Find Something’

Jonathan Ukah, ‘Something Else’


From Wales

Laura Fisk, ‘We Talk About Discharge’

Chris Kinsey, ‘The Lazy Poet’s Day’

Des Mannay, ‘After Humanity’