Pandemic Poetry Films & Posters

Poetry Posters

Lisa Berg’s collaboration with Rita Bourland for the poem ‘Gather in the Wonder’

Elizabeth Crump’s poetry poster of William Wordsworth’s ‘I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud’

Michaela Dengg’s Instagram poems for the pandemic

Andrew Hoben’s poetry poster of Robert Frost’s ‘Fire and Ice’

Lav Patel’s poetry poster of William Ernest Henley’s poem ‘Invictus’


Poetry Films

Catriona Bruce: poetry film of Penelope Shuttle’s poem ‘The Child’s Childhood’

Noah David: poetry film of Keith S. Wilson’s poem ‘Black Matters’

Thomas Deever: poetry film of own poem ‘The Tick and the Moth’

Maya Griffith: poetry film of Edwina Reizer’s ‘Beauty of Life’

Mustafa Ilgin: poetry film of own poem ‘The Long Road’

corbin t. lanker: poetry film of own poem ‘a new year’

Maddie McSteen: poetry film of Kenna Nicole Harrington’s ‘The Sun and the Moon.’

Todd Mapes: poetry film of James Cihlar’s ‘The Way Words Echo in Our Heads’

Dalal Shalash: poetry film of Maya Angelou’s ‘Caged Bird’