Spring Commencement

A group of students has asked the university to provide Spanish and Portuguese interpretation at the Spring Commencement ceremony.  We feel it’s important that faculty voices come out loud and clear in support of our students and this very reasonable request.  The letter will be delivered early next week to the Office of Special Events and Commencement.

Please use the link below to sign the letter of support, and feel free to circulate further as well.


CGS March Meeting Notes

March CGS delegate meeting report

On March 31, CGS held the delegate meeting with the following agenda:

  1. Guest Speakers:

Dr. Jennifer Evans-Cowley, Vice Provost for Capital Planning and Regional Campuses Michael Papadakis, Deputy CFO, Treasurer and Vice President of Financial Services & Innovation

The speakers elaborated and took questions from the delegate body concerning the Comprehensive Energy Management Project (CEMP), that will be presented at the Friday (4/7) Board of Trustees meeting, where the university will consider a public-private partnership to become an international leader in sustainability and provide new resources to advance teaching, learning and research.

Delegate concerns:

  • Privatization option: The university has not exhausted other options besides privatization to manage the entire university’s energy resources.
  • Lack of transparency in considering input and concerns from the university communities regarding the CEMP proposal.

Learn more about the CEMP here.

  1. Before the presentation of CEMP at the Board of Trustee meeting on 4/7, President Drake called for special University Senate meeting held on 4/4. CGS’ position regarding the consideration of the CEMP proposal in utilizing CGS senators’ voting rights at University Senate special meeting:
  • Propose a third option “Not enough time/information to consider the CEMP proposal” in addition to the regular “YES” and “NO” votes.
  • In the case that this third option proposal is not accepted, CGS directs the 10 senators to vote “NO”.
  1. BUCK-I-SERV trip advisor opportunity – Summer 2017 (May 6-13)

Apply as a trip advisor for a week-long service experience with a group of predominantly undergrads working on an issue of social justice.



  1. Newly elected officials serving CGS 2017/2018:

President: Alex Wesaw(.1)

Vice President: Tracey Walterbusch(.1)

Secretary: Liz Koss(.31)

Treasurer: Amanda Montoya(.29)

Apply to be a Senator/ Delegate with the Council of Graduate Students today!

Apply to be a Senator with the Council of Graduate Students!

Applications are open and  close April 7, 2017:  https://cgs.osu.edu/get-involved/senate-application/

All senator positions are open for the 2017-18 Academic Year.  For more information about the position please visit https://cgs.osu.edu/leadership/senators

Apply to be a Delegate with the Council of Graduate Students!

Applications are open and close on April 7, 2017:  https://cgs.osu.edu/get-involved/delegate-application/

All delegate positions are open for the 2017-18 Academic Year.  For more information about the position please visit https://cgs.osu.edu/leadership/delegates/