Course Offering: EDUTL 8426 with Dr. Patricia Scharer

EDUTL 8426 (#34048): Advanced Study in Reading Difficulties of Young Children (3 credits)

Current thinking on reading and learning processes relative to young, low progress, “at risk” students, and seminal research and theories which have influenced the reading difficulties field will be related to students who are difficult to teach.


Course Offering: EDUTL 7747 with Dr. McCormick-Smith

EDUTL 7747 (#35136): Science, Mathematics, Technology and the Educated Mind (3 credits)

Examines public understanding of science, mathematics, and technology in the growth and application of knowledge, with particular attention being given to the implications for general education in these fields.

Course Offering: EDUTL 7432 with Dr. Blackburn or Dr. Katz

EDUTL 7432* (#8811 with Dr. Blackburn and #8987 with Dr. Katz): The Ethnography of Literacy and Language II (4 credits)

Building on the first course of this two-course sequence, this course provides students experience in doing their own research by focusing on data gathering, fieldwork issues, data analysis, and writing aspects of the ethnographic research process.


*Prerequisite: EDUTL 7431 or permission from the instructor.

Course Offering: EDUTL 7430 with Dr. Patricia Scharer

EDUTL 7430 (#9329): Phonics, Word Study, & the Complexities of English Orthography (3 credits)

Learn the historical influences on contemporary American-English spellings. Study the technical vocabulary associated with phonics, word study, & English orthography; how to administer and analyze appropriate assessments for elementary and middle school students; and, how to implement instruction to support student learning.

Course Offering: EDUTL 7427 with Dr. Rob Kelly

EDUTL 7427* (#34046): Advanced Study of the Development of Reading and Writing (3 credits)

Designed to provide experienced teachers the opportunity to extend and update their knowledge of reading and writing development and the principles underlying effective reading and writing instruction in the early and late childhood years.


*This course fulfills one of the Reading Endorsement requirements in Category 2.

Course Offering: EDUTL 7364 with Dr. Cynthia Tyson

EDUTL 7364 (#9332): Multicultural Literature for Children and Young Adults (3 credits)

Focus on educational and interdisciplinary research concerned with selecting, analyzing, and discussing diverse children’s and YA literature, created by historically marginalized authors and illustrators. Literature selections include the life experiences, histories, and fantastic visions representing LGBTQ, Native American, African American, Latinx, Asian American, and new immigrant experiences.