STEM Impact collaborative over a scarlet and gray background.

The STEM Impact Collaborative (SIC) is made up of STEM educators from across The Ohio State University with the goal of making science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) accessible, interactive, creative, and fun. What started as a one-day, in-person outreach event back in 2017 (WestFest) has grown into an on-going, interdisciplinary effort to take science out of the lecture hall and bring it into daily life (even though it has been there all along!) The 2020 COVID pandemic forced us all to look at public engagement a bit differently. The uncertainty and change that came with transitioning to a virtual world cemented SIC members’ commitment to support each other and find new and interesting ways to get people excited about STEM. 

The STEM Impact Collaborative uses best practices in science communication, storytelling, education, and comedy to create immersive programs that showcase the humans behind the STEM. We want to tell you a story, make you laugh, show you something cool, and introduce you to amazing STEM researchers and professionals from Ohio State and beyond…and, of course, we hope you will learn a little something along the way! 

Who we are…

Current and past members represent the units listed below. In addition to the collaborative programs organized by SIC, each of the units listed below has a suite of awesome STEM outreach programs that are definitely worth checking out.

  • Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center
  • Arne Slettebak Planetarium
  • Buckeye Aha! Math Moments
  • Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center 
  • Center for Applied Plant Sciences
  • Department of Astronomy
  • Department of Mathematics
  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences
  • College of Pharmacy 
  • Museum of Biological Diversity
  • STEAM Factory 
  • Sustainability Institute
  • Ohio State University Extension 4-H

Visit the About Us page to learn about the humans behind the Collaborative.