About Us

The people highlighted below represent the founding members of the STEM Impact Collaborative (SIC). Their STEM outreach accomplishments aren’t limited to SIC. Be sure to check out the awesome outreach programs, websites and social media they contribute to as well!

Cynthia Canan, PhD

Cynthia is the Director of the Generation Rx laboratory at COSI and the Faculty Director of the Pills, Potions and Poisons high school summer program.

Jason Cervenec

Jason is the Education and Outreach Director for the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center where he oversees a suite of public outreach and K-12 programs.

Monica Delgado Carrillo

Monica is the Associate Director of Outreach in the Department of Mathematics where she leads the Buckeye Aha! Math Moments program.

Katherine O’Brien, PhD

Katherine is a postdoctoral researcher for the STEAM Factory. Katherine is also one of the two organizers for the Columbus Science Pub.

Courtney Price

Courtney is the Outreach and Education Specialist for the Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center and the Center for Applied Plant Sciences. She is also the program coordinator for the Translational Plant Sciences Graduate Program.

Wayne Schlingman, PhD

Wayne is the Director of the Arne Slettebak Planetarium in the Department of Astronomy.

Our Partners

STEM Impact Collaborative programs are often supported by scholars from a variety of STEM units across campus as well as a number of community partners. We thank every individual and organization who contributes content and/or participates in one of our programs.