Resources for Families

Early in the pandemic we put together a list of our favorite virtual STEM experiences for families to try at home. Some of these are activities members of our group have created, others were created elsewhere and we think they are cool. If you are looking for something to do from the comfort of your couch check out our list below!

Activity Topics Target Age
Create a Masterpiece: Color a Science Snapshot Earth science, geography, polar research 3 to 12
Complete a Virtual Puzzle History, exploration 5 to adult
Explore Kelleys Island in VR Earth science, geography 10 to adult
Look at Earth’s Atmosphere with Fluid Earth Viewer Earth science, geography, atmospheric science 10 to adult
Franklin Park Conservatory’s Virtual Experiences Plants, gardening, cooking All ages
Plant Science Videos Plant science, STEM careers, biofuels, bioproducts Middle & high school
Citizen Science Projects in all Disciplines Citizen science, biology, plants 16 to adult
STEM Investigations for Families STEM, sensemaking Children, PK+ with parents
Astronomy and Underrepresented Groups Astronomy, webinar Middle school to adult
STEM Lectures Birds, fungus, science Middle school to adult
Coloring the Collections – Museum Animals and Plants Animals, plants, museum collections 5 to adult
NOAA Activity Book – Oceans, Salmon, & Orca Oceans, salmon, orca, coloring 3 to 12
Tour of the Smithsonian Natural history, Earth scineces, tour All ages
Learn about Infectious Diseases Through Gameplay Infectious disesease, epidemiology, STEM careers Middle & high school
Vaccine Activity Book Vaccines, germs 5 to adult
Medication Safety, Prevention Education, & Drug Safety Medication safety, opioids K-12
Four Color Fest Activity Book by Melinda Lanius Mathematics 3 to adult
BAMM Puzzle Posters Mathematics, chess, puzzles, probability 12 to adult
Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival Puzzles Mathematics, puzzles, games, challenges K-12, adults

Resources for Outreach Professionals

We find these things helpful, maybe you will too!