I chose the Biological Sciences Scholars program because it offered many opportunities and the idea of living with like-minded individuals with the same passion as me was very appealing. I was excited to be a part of a close-knit community of people that shared the same interests and essentially be in similar classes. I also had a passion for volunteering as I actively volunteered throughout my high school career since my school had a requirement of 200 hours before the graduation date. Having a similar requirement in the scholars program is nice to have and is something I hope to continue not only in the scholars program but throughout my undergraduate career here at OSU. Additionally, I hope to develop certain skills in the scholars program such as leadership, collaboration, and networking with other students. These skills are very important for being a scholar and these will also be useful in professional school as well. The problem that people have in the future is collaborating with others and working in groups, but by developing these skills now within the scholars program by working with a diverse group of like minded people, this may not be a problem for me in the future. As a scholars student I hope to promote a safe environment for students to share their interests and develop close relationships that will last a lifetime among the other students and even upperclassmen of this program. The resources I hope to use are my advisor and the other upperclassmen in this program as well since students who have been through the first year can offer crucial guidance and advise me to not make the same mistakes they may have made.

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