Year in Review

Over the past year, I grew mostly as a leader because in my senior year, I was the most involved in extracurriculars than in any of my previous high school years. I was a choreographer for our school’s annual Diwali cultural show showcasing south asian dances. I learned a lot from my experience as a choreographer such as making compromises and realizing that not everything will go according to plan. Additionally, I grew as a researcher because I started a biochemical independent study with my biochemistry teacher to learn about advanced lab techniques and processes that would help in the future. The scholars program is where I hope to grow even more as a researcher by participating in medical research at OSU under the guidance of an experienced doctor. When I entered the Biological Sciences Scholars program I was looking forward to taking advantage of all the opportunities and this is something that accurately describes me even today. The scholars program is where I hope to grow even more as not only a student but a citizen that can contribute to society and inspire others to do the same as well. One thing I enjoyed this semester was the numerous scholars events hosted monthly because going to these events with other scholars (essentially my close friends) were extremely fun. Also, in the weekly biological sciences scholars seminar class, I learned useful information about adding a minor that would contribute to my pre-med track and help for the MCAT. Also, being encouraged to have a resume editing session was super helpful and allowed me to change my resume entirely. These little things that the bio-scholars program helped me with are going to stay with me well into the future, and looking back at my first semester in this program, I have learned a lot about not only about academics but career and profession wise.


I chose the Biological Sciences Scholars program because it offered many opportunities and the idea of living with like-minded individuals with the same passion as me was very appealing. I was excited to be a part of a close-knit community of people that shared the same interests and essentially be in similar classes. I also had a passion for volunteering as I actively volunteered throughout my high school career since my school had a requirement of 200 hours before the graduation date. Having a similar requirement in the scholars program is nice to have and is something I hope to continue not only in the scholars program but throughout my undergraduate career here at OSU. Additionally, I hope to develop certain skills in the scholars program such as leadership, collaboration, and networking with other students. These skills are very important for being a scholar and these will also be useful in professional school as well. The problem that people have in the future is collaborating with others and working in groups, but by developing these skills now within the scholars program by working with a diverse group of like minded people, this may not be a problem for me in the future. As a scholars student I hope to promote a safe environment for students to share their interests and develop close relationships that will last a lifetime among the other students and even upperclassmen of this program. The resources I hope to use are my advisor and the other upperclassmen in this program as well since students who have been through the first year can offer crucial guidance and advise me to not make the same mistakes they may have made.


Attached below is my resume

Sohil Reddy – OSU Resume

In high school I was able to take a strong course load with courses including: Microbes and Disease, Physiology and Disease, Shakespeare, Modern Theater, Biochemistry, World in the 20th Century, and even Rise of the Atlantic World 1492-1566. These courses set a strong foundation for me and have helped me in my college classes as I acquired study habits in high school that I still use to this day.


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The above picture is my acceptance letter to a dance team I tried out for and made it here at OSU. It is an Indian fusion team made up of highly talented dancers that compete all over the U.S. and have recently placed 1st 2 years in a row at the national competition. I was thrilled to be a part of an incredible group of guys that share a passion for dance. Being surrounded by such talented dancers has made me a better dancer and I am very fortunate to have this opportunity here at OSU.



This picture is from my senior year of high school and was taken right before the game that would determine whether we won our conference or not. Only seniors are pictured and this was an incredibly important moment for me as soccer is a sport I participated in all 3 years in high school. I was a left-winger/center-attacking-mid. Soccer really helped build my leadership skills and improved my ability to work in groups (since working with the team members is essential for winning games). The lessons I learned from my coaches and other team mates about hard work will remain with me well into my professional career.


This image was from a scholars event in which we were able to meet alumni that were in pre-med programs here at osu and learn about their obstacles. We learned about the mistakes they made and how to avoid making those mistakes in undergrad and learned helpful tips about pre-med courses.

About Me

Hi my name is Sohil Reddy and I am from Aurora, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago). I am majoring in Biology on a pre-med/pre-dental track and am starting on a pancreatic cancer research project. My hobbies include dancing, soccer, tennis, and rewatching Netflix shows. Something I hope to accomplish in my 4 years here at Ohio State is to start a volunteer project and continue research throughout all 4 years. This is something that I feel is a part of being in the scholars program because of the volunteer requirement and the encouragement to participate in these kinds of projects. The qualities I see being exemplified around campus are that of leadership and collaboration as well as acts of selflessness and helping one another. These are qualities that I see align with the Scholars program and is part of the reason why I chose to participate in it.