Found A Lost Pet?

If you find a lost pet there are a few things you should do:

Be careful! Lost animals could be scared and potentially attack. Use caution when approaching.

1st: Check for a name tag/owner contact info

2nd: Check to see if the animal is microchipped. A vet’s office or animal shelter can scan for a microchip.

  • If microchipped, contact owner.

3rd: If the pet has no ID or microchip, don’t lose hope. You can post information about the pet on sites like Pet FBI, as well as let local shelters and vet’s offices know that you have found a lost pet. Social media is also a good place to look too! Someone looking for their lost pet will likely try these resources as well.

4th: If you can not keep the animal with you dogs need to be brought to the Franklin County Dog Shelter and cats need tot be brought to Capital Area Humane Society. If you take the animal to another shelter they will be automatically transferred.

  • Franklin County Dog Retrieval: 614-525-3400
  • Capital Area Lost and Found Pets: 614-471-7397

5th: If you decide to let the animal stay with you until it is reunited with its owner, file a found animal report with the previously listed shelters.

  • To file a report with Franklin County Dog shelter:
    • Email: subject: Found Dog Report
    • Call: 614-525-3647
  • Capital Area Lost and Found Pets: 614-471-7397