Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is the difference between a service animal, psychiatric service animal , and an emotional support animal ?

Answer: Service animals are used by people with a disability (ex. blindness, deafness) while psychiatric service dogs are used by someone who is disabled by a psychiatric impairment (service dog central, 2006). Emotional service dogs are used  by people with a mental impairment (this mental impairment can be from age or disability) or mental illness disability (service dog central, 2006).

Go to this website for further information:

Q. Are you allowed to pet service animals?

Answer: Usually the answer is no, because service animals are at work keeping their handler safe and petting could distract them from performing their duties. However, some are allowed to be pet and you can always ask the owner!

Q. What kind of pets can I have in a residence hall setting?

Answer: Fish

Q. Since Ohio does not have Breed Specific Legislation, can my landlord still put restrictions on the breed of dog I can have in my apartment/house?

Answer: Yes, landlords are allowed set up their own restrictions on property/apartments they own. For more information regarding pet policies in local off-campus housing, click here.

Q. What  types of foods/products are poisonous to my pet?

Answer: There are many things that can be harmful for pets to consume, please refer to this AVMA link for specifics :