Puppy Raising

Raising service dogs from puppies is an extremely rewarding experience but the decision to raise a service puppy is not one that should be taken lightly. These animals are more than a house pet and require specialized training that begins as a puppy. Before deciding to raise a puppy, consider that it needs to be trained above and beyond a normal puppy. This includes socialization and obedience classes. If you have further questions concerning puppy raising at any of the various organization, please contact that organization with your specific question.


4 Paws For Ability

-Located in Xenia, Ohio

-No prior experience needed

-Must attend monthly obedience class

-Provide at least 4 socialization outing each week

-Veterinary care, start-up supplies, and food are at no cost to the puppy raiser

-Must fill out an application, complete online training program, and attend orientation



Canine Companions for Independence
-Begin Raising puppy at eight weeks

-Approximately 16-18 months

-Must be at least 18 years or older to raise a puppy



Freedom Paws Assistance Dogs
-Approximately 14-18 months

-Offers a Weekend and Evening Program

-Fill out a monthly report

-Must provide the puppy’s veterinary, food, and transportation cost




Pilot Dogs
-Approximately 10-12 months

-Puppies placed in homes around 7-10 weeks of age until 12-14 months old

-Leash, collar, nylabone, health card and manual provided with each pup

-On-campus obedience class and veterinary care are also provided

-Breeds used are labrador retriever, golden retriever, standard poodle, boxer, german shephard, doberman pinscher, and visla

-No prior experience required

-Located in Columbus, Ohio (625 W town St)

contact information



Guiding Eyes for the Blind 

-Approximately 12-16 months

-New chapter in Columbus

-Mostly used labrador retrievers (some german shepherds)

-Puppies are about 8-9 weeks when puppy raisers start working with them

-Must live along Eastern Seaboard, from Maine to South Carolina, and west of Ohio.