Kong Toy Filler Recipes

Kong Toy Filler Recipes

My dog has separation issues. He does not understand why he cannot be with me at all times.  I would love to have him with me at all times, but that is not the way my real world works. Five mornings a week, I need to leave to go to an office. My dog needs to stay at home and be a dog. I have no idea what that means, but I tell each morning that I need him to watch the house and yard for me while I am away. And he gets several “I love you” and “you be a good dog” before I leave. AND he gets his stuffed Kong or stuffed marrow bones.

I do not freeze these because I do not want to have them melt on my carpet. Instead, it has become our morning ritual that I fill 4 bones and he gets them as I walk out the door. I am not so foolish to think he spaces them throughout the day. But I do believe he goes back to them several times during the day to see if by chance he missed something.

While many dogs eat the same kibble throughout their lives, I cannot bring myself to give the same bone treat every day. I was so excited when I found these suggestions; I want to share them with you. The website address is at the bottom of the picture.

Do you offer Kongs or other food-filled containers? What do you use? What do you fill them with? I would love to learn from you.




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