A Water Purifier

A Water Purifier

Have you ever bought something that you really thought you needed and could not wait for it to arrive, and then over five years later, you have still not taken it out of the box? That is how it is with my water purifier.  I was so proud of myself for doing something about my drinking water and could not wait to get the purifier delivered. However, there were more steps than putting tap water into it and pushing a button and Wa-La out would come great, healthy water.

Water is the universal elixir of life. It makes up more than 70 percent of our total body mass and covers about 70 percent of the Earth’s surface. We can live without food for a month or more, but we will perish in a matter of days without water.  It’s widely known that drinking enough water each day is an essential key to health. The quality of the water we drink, however, often gets overlooked.

We are blessed with remarkable convenience in obtaining the water we drink. While some people still hike for miles to find fresh water, we simply turn on a faucet or run to the nearest store. But do we know the qualit5y of water we drink?

Basic chemistry tells us that water is composed of two hydrogen atoms and a single oxygen atom. Unfortunately, this does not mean that all water is created equally.


Most of the global water supply is no longer the pure substance that cultures have cherished for millennia. Water is now widely tainted with chemicals and inorganic materials. According to many sources I have read, pollutants from farming, industrial dumping and decaying pipes are among the biggest threats. Despite extensive water treatment methods, trace amounts of chemical substances often remain in drinking water.

In the U.S. the fluoridation of water has been another controversial topic. Fluoride is added to water as a type of medicine for the masses, with the stated objective of creating stronger teeth and bones. Opponents of fluoridation make the following distinction: chemically derived sodium fluoride, a by-product of the aluminum industry is added to drinking water, not the naturally occurring calcium fluoride. Studies have shown small amounts of calcium fluoride strengthen teeth and bones. From what I have read there have been no studies to prove the same for sodium fluoride.

So what was I going to do with this knowledge? (It was a popular topic in the county I live for several years.) Buy a water purifier of course. Now I need to make the counter space and the commitment to use it.  Ask me in a few months how that is coming along!

What do you use for drinking water for yourself and your pets? Anyone have suggestions about not being bothered about how much counter space my purifier takes? I would love to learn from your experiences.

Kong Toy Filler Recipes

Kong Toy Filler Recipes

My dog has separation issues. He does not understand why he cannot be with me at all times.  I would love to have him with me at all times, but that is not the way my real world works. Five mornings a week, I need to leave to go to an office. My dog needs to stay at home and be a dog. I have no idea what that means, but I tell each morning that I need him to watch the house and yard for me while I am away. And he gets several “I love you” and “you be a good dog” before I leave. AND he gets his stuffed Kong or stuffed marrow bones.

I do not freeze these because I do not want to have them melt on my carpet. Instead, it has become our morning ritual that I fill 4 bones and he gets them as I walk out the door. I am not so foolish to think he spaces them throughout the day. But I do believe he goes back to them several times during the day to see if by chance he missed something.

While many dogs eat the same kibble throughout their lives, I cannot bring myself to give the same bone treat every day. I was so excited when I found these suggestions; I want to share them with you. The website address is at the bottom of the picture.

Do you offer Kongs or other food-filled containers? What do you use? What do you fill them with? I would love to learn from you.