It Use to Discuss Me

It Use to Discuss Me

Does your dog burp?

Mine does!

What is a burp? According to Wikipedia, a burp (also known as a belch, rectus or eructation) is the release of gas from the digestive tract. It most commonly comes from the esophagus (the tube that takes food from the mouth to the stomach) or from the stomach. It is accompanied by a typical sound and occasionally that sound (air) can be accompanied by an odor.

According to Wikipedia, “burping” is significantly quieter and much more subtle than “belching.”

Burping occurs when there is swallowed air in the esophagus or stomach. It is common for some dogs to swallow air when eating or drinking – especially when they eat too quickly.

I have known people that had a Boston Terrier that drove them crazy. After every meal, the dog would come over to sit right in front of them ….. and burp!

My dog has done it occasionally, but it is not a common occurrence, maybe twice a year.

Dogs are funny, aren’t they?

So, what can you do about your dog’s burping?

The best thing you can do is to encourage your dog to eat slower (easier said than done if your dog is one of those that “inhales” his food). Giving your pet smaller amounts of water to drink may help solve the problem. Another method to stop dog burping is to buy a slow-feed dog bowl so he will have to eat his kibble from around built-in knobs, thus slowing down those eat-fast instincts. Both measures will prevent him from swallowing air. The key lesson is to simply make him eat and drink slowly.

If your dog doesn’t typically burp too much and now you are noticing a significant increase, there are chances that your dog may be developing an upset stomach. Figuring out why your dog’s stomach may be upset can be a challenge. If you recently changed dog food, changes are notorious for causing digestive problems in dogs. New dog food should be switched gradually over the course of several days.

Be alert to any significant changes in your dog’s burping habits. If you notice signs of discomfort, call your veterinarian.

Does your dog burp? Is it often in your face? This use to discuss me, now I make a mental note to myself to make sure it does not become a pattern.

What experiences have you had with burping dogs? I would love to learn from you.


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