Meet Your Classmates

Kayla Brown – Lima campus

  1. What interested you in pursuing the Business Management specialization from Fisher?

I think what interested me the most in pursuing a Business Management specialization from Fisher is the fact that it can be a very versatile degree. You’re not limiting yourself to just Marketing, Human Resources, or Accounting, etc. With a Business Management specialization, I am hoping to feel out different fields through internships and hopefully make myself more marketable in the competitive job market.

  1. What classes have you taken that are part of the regional distance program?

Last year I had one class and that was BUSML3250 – A marketing class. This year virtually all of my classes are distance program classes. ACCTMIS 3300, BUSMHR 2292, & BUSMHR 3200.

3.  What involvement do you have on your campus or what do you hope to become involved in?

Currently I am involved in two clubs. I am in the OSU United Way Club, and I am president of Student Senate. It keeps me pretty busy, but I am also involved with the marketing department with an internship and I am also a University Ambassador so I am pretty involved with recruitment efforts.

  1. What is the best part of the regional program? What would you like to see improved?

I think the best part for me, as far as the regional program goes, is being able to get the exact same material and education as those in Columbus.  I feel, as a regional student, sometimes professors don’t take us as seriously as they do Columbus students. So I really value the professors that go the extra mile to make sure we are understanding everything to the best of our ability. Even more so this year, one of our professors is making a trip out to our campus as well as the other campuses, just to introduce himself. I wish more professors would go the extra mile! It makes sitting through a class where I stare at a screen for two hours a lot more bearable. I think what I would like to see improved though is more professors understanding that regional campuses can’t do some things that Columbus does.  For example I’ve had some professors offer extra credit if you go to a certain building in Columbus and do something, or participate in studies in one of the halls down there. As students in regional campuses, we have jobs, class & home lives, that do not always allow us to make time for a trip down for those extra credit points.  I think to some extent that’s unfair. It is the same class and since they are offering it to regional campuses they should have some kind of alternative that could make up those points.

  1. Do you work? If so, how have you managed to balance work/school?

Oh boy do I work!  I have two jobs on campus. As mentioned before, I am at University ambassador and I am an intern in the Marketing department. I also nanny part time for a local family and work normal business hours Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I think the most important thing when managing school work with work hours is knowing that you’re going to have to sacrifice some late nights and/or early mornings. And also I think it’s important to know when to say “no” when other plans come up.  You need to know that your time is VERY valuable.


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