Business Clubs


Purpose: The Business Club is a place where undergraduate students from diverse majors can interact with both other students and business/community leaders for their personal and professional growth.  

Fundraisers: the Business Club offers professors the opportunity to reward their students for a semester of hard work by providing them with treats for their pupils. The Business Club collects, processes, and delivers these orders in a way that is both cost effective and convenient for the participants. 

Events: Each semester, the Business Club hosts a panel consisting of business and community leaders for the campus. This is a time where students can come and inquire about the professional experience of our panel members. Panel members offer their personal experiences, recommendations, and advice to attendees. Generally, the Business Club provides refreshments for participants and moderates the discussion between attendees and panel members.  

The Business Club also works closely with the campus Career Coordinator often inviting her to present at our meetings and encouraging members to utilize the services her office provides.  The club  meets bi-weekly in Galvin Hall. New people can join by emailing Blake Lamb: or Temple Patton:

Are you involved in the Business club on your campus?  Advertise your events here!  Contact Kerry