We congratulate the dedication and conviction of allies working toward cultural diversity and social transformation in our region.  This page hopes to build awareness and celebrate solidarity.  Please visit the pages of our aliad@s!



Mujeres Talk is an online, interdisciplinary, edited, and moderated forum for the circulation and discussion of original research, commentary, and creative work in brief and diverse formats such as essays (500-1500 words), multimedia presentations, and short video. We focus on Chicana, Latina. and Native American women’s work, however, we continue to welcome work from allies, and diverse racial and ethnic authors within and outside of these categories. Though we publish under the sign of “Mujeres,” we invite authors of all genders to contribute to the project. All posts represent the views of individual authors. All submissions are reviewed by two members of the Editorial Group to ensure that they are appropriate for publication in this venue, offer an original and interesting perspective, cite relevant research where necessary, and meet our length requirements.



Latino and Latin American Space for Enrichment and Research (LASER) nurtures a community of students and scholars engaged in the study of Latinos and Latin Americans and has expanded the presence of Latinos in higher education, enriching the undergraduate research experience and helping to prepare student for successful application to professional and graduate school programs. Signature programs include: a three-stage, mentoring system that supports students from high school through undergraduate and graduate school; Latino Role Models Day; Bridge Builders Forum, designed to increase Latino access to higher education; and SÕL-CON: The Brown & Black Comix Expo.



Our mission is to support, advocate for, empower, and organize people in Central Ohio to address problems of poverty, workplace rights and equity, racial inequality, gender discrimination, immigration justice, and economic issues.  We defend, support, and organize those who are not represented by a union or workplace organized entity.

Nuestra mision es apoyar, promover, organizar y capacitar trabajadores en Central Ohio frente a los problemas de la pobreza, los derechos laborales, la equidad, discriminación de género, justicia para inmigrantes y asuntos económicas. Defendemos y apoyamos los que no están representados por ninguna organización o lugar de trabajo organizado. 



To honor and preserve Hispanic Culture and to empower present and future Hispanic Generations.