Are you walking in your beauty?

Spring Cleaning Xtravaganza

Aline Mello busts out a selection from her new young adult novel Eric Serrano and author Aracelis Nieves Visual artist and poet Cat Ramos
On April 21, Onderas braved the stormy chill and celebrated our Spring Cleaning Xtravaganza open mic night featuring new work by Brazilian poet and fiction writer Aline Mello. Please check out her previous publications and follow her at
The Chusma box, always excited to share her crowd-sourced papelitos, posed an interesting question on the 21st: Are you walking in your beauty? We leave you with a selection of her confessions, deseos, and provocations for as you go bounding into your beautiful spring.

The Chusma box wanted the chance to share with y’all below and we were happy to comply:

“Un lugar de partida al final de la piel”
“I did shrooms for the first time on an elementary school playground”
“Remember to complete your S.E.I.”
“I like that I do not know who I am. It’s freeing.”
“I’m tired of being desired only for my body or as an exotic experiment.”
“I hope my partner gets the job so we can break up cleanly and naturally.”
“My neighbor asked me if I was walking in my beauty. I’m thinking about that one.”
Si un viejo te pide un beso, no se lo vayas a dar
Porque los besos de viejos saben a huevo sin sal