About the PIIO and OH!IO PeDa1ers

Have you ever wondered how the PIIO got its start? Check this out.

So where are we now after a our first year? Watch this.

How did we come up with the peloton name OH!IO PeDa1ers? What does it even mean?

At the OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center, we are creating a cancer-free world – one person, one discovery at a time starting in Ohio (OH!). At the Pelotonia Institute for Immuno-Oncology (PIIO), we use immuno-oncology (IO) strategies to help the body’s immune system fight cancer.

Targeting Programmed Cell Death Protein 1 (PD-1) is a powerful example of successful IO therapy. Blocking PD-1 can activate the immune system to attack tumor cells. Therapies that target PD-1 revolutionized the field of IO, and have proven effective in several types of cancer.

To honor the PD-1 breakthrough in IO therapy, we call our peloton the OH!IO PeDa1ers.