Upcoming Events

Our hope is that Ohio maple producers use this as a landing page to become a more active, engaged, and knowledgeable member of the maple community.  Drop in regularly to see what upcoming meetings and webinars, resources and presentations are on the horizon.

Join OSU’s Les Ober, Geauga Co. Extension, and SENR’s Gabe Karns and Kathy Smith, for the March 12 session on how to make your own syrup or explore turning your woods into a sugarbush as an income opportunity. From 10 AM-noon, we will talk some history, tree species to tap, how to tap and how to boil and bottle maple sap. Have a few trees in the yard or a woods that has potential?  We welcome the maple curious beginner to this free webinar!

Start planning for this year’s Maple Madness Spring Tour for Ohio – you won’t want to miss the weekends of March 6/7 and March 13/14!

One of our partners Future Generations University in West Virginia recorded a new webinar entitled “Navigating the WV Sugar Operation Review Preparedness Manual” in mid-January.  Cindy Martel, former Marketing Specialist with West Virginia’s Department of Ag walks through the manual explaining why and how to use it to ensure your sugar shack is safe and clean!  While some of the information is specific to West Virginia regulations for maple producers, there are lots of great pointers for all maple producers regardless of the state you call home.  You can watch the recording on Youtube.