The Backyard Mapler

Hobby maple production is a fun project for the entire family and as many hobby maple producers have found out it can lead to many sweet rewards. This page entitled the Backyard Mapler will be devoted to you the backyard maple producer. We hope it will help to unravel some of the mysteries of maple syrup production and allow you to make a better and tastier product!

 OSU Reintroduces the Hobby Maple  Syrup Production Fact Sheet

“DSCF5128(1)” by Nancleve is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

One of the most popular fact sheets on the Ohio State University’s Ohioline has always been the Hobby Maple Syrup Production Fact Sheet. Ohioline is the source for all of the fact sheets published by OSU Extension and the College of Food Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. The Original fact sheet was written by OSU State Forestry and Maple Specialist Dr. Randall Hiligmann emeritus. That fact sheet has served as a guide for thousands of new aspiring maple producers.  Anyone who has made maple syrup in the backyard knows that it is truly something that the whole family can enjoy. At the end of the season you are left with some fond memories and a container of maple syrup that the entire family can enjoy. It may not be the best maple syrup you have ever tasted, but it is your maple syrup. That is what makes this hobby (and the publication) so popular.

The 2021 March Friday in the Woods webinar through the Woodland Stewards Program provides an excellent overview of maple history, maple tree ID, tapping, boiling, and final processing!