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Blog Policies

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  1. Finally….sun is out and sap is pumping in southern Richland county. Did have to re-seat several taps due to leaks. Still will have an issue with gathering and carrying buckets up a 600 foot ice-rink of a driveway. Way too slick for the tractor. But it feels great to be out and working up a sweat gettin’ ready to boil!

  2. Sap flow has slowed to a crawl in southern Richland County. Really need some sub freezing nighttime temps. Hauling what little sap is being gathered is really tough due to the woods floor being like mashed potatoes. First boil resulted in 1.8 sugar content. Color is like prime honey . Flavor is outstanding. Looks like Tuesday through Sunday should be gusher sap runs if night temps hold true below 30.

  3. Pulled taps and cleaned equipment on Saturday in southern Richland county. Season was short, but syrup quality best in 5 years. Made outstanding gold syrup till very end. Bring on the mushrooms!

  4. Tapped 10 trees around the house on Jan 29, and boiled 23 gallons on Feb1. Produced 46 oz. some nice syrup. Sap running like water today in southern Richland Co. Game on!

  5. Just finished my 9th boil since tapping January 30. Great sap flow and quality on March 2 and 7,8th. Still making nice light syrup, but fear the season could be over in next couple of days here in southern Richland county. Couple of trees have dried up completely. Overall, a decent season, but only because I took a chance and tapped early. Oh well…bring on mushroom season!!

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