In January, 2011, an exciting new research partnership was established linking faculty in the College of Arts andMeasuring Blanding's Turtle plastron length Sciences, Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology, with colleagues in the College of Food, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, School of Environment and Natural Resources, to provide science-based management plans for endangered species within the State of Ohio.  The Ohio Biodiversity Conservation Partnership (OBCP) is planned as a long-term relationship between the Ohio State University and the Ohio Division of Wildlife, drawing strengths from both organizations to conduct research directly benefiting the citizens of Ohio.  Conserving the diversity of animals and plants in our state is a key part of ensuring sustainable ecosystems into the future and OBCP will play a key role in achieving this goal in Ohio.

volunteers showing specimens to news crewVolunteers collecting samples from creek

volunteers securing collected specimen


Collecting venom from an Eastern Massasauga, Ohio







Hummingbird Moth feeding on Menarda