Conservation of Aerial Insectivorous Birds

Project ID:  WAPR21

Principle Investigators: Mazeika Sullivan

Project Overview:  Research the riparian aerial insectivores in the Olentangy-Scioto basin as well as on Acadian Flycatchers.  The research will focus on three areas: (1) To determine relationships between the abundance and quality of both terrestrial and aquatic emergent insects and the condition (including contaminant loads of heavy metals and pesticides as well as pathogens) and reproductive success of tree swallows – selected as a representative riparian aerial insectivorous bird species.  (2) To evaluate the influences of temperature and humidity (as measures of climate) on both insects and swallows. (3) To investigate how changes in riparian land use and land cover relate to distribution and composition of aerial insectivorous bird communities and their insect food sources.