Steve Matthews

matthewsResearch Assistant Professor
School of Environment and Natural Resources

Areas of Expertise:
Biological Impacts of Climate Change

Understanding the responses of ecological systems to changing landscapes. Climate change, specifically on modeling the habitat dynamics of tree and bird species across the Eastern United States.


Iverson, Louis R., Anantha M. Prasad, Stephen N. Matthews, and Matthew P. Peters. 2011. “Lessons Learned While Integrating Habitat, Dispersal, Disturbance, and Life-History Traits into Species Habitat Models Under Climate Change”. Ecosystems. 14 (6): 1005-1020. [PDF]

Matthews S.N., Iverson L.R., Prasad A.M., and Peters M.P. 2011. “Changes in potential habitat of 147 North American breeding bird species in response to redistribution of trees and climate following predicted climate change”. Ecography. 34 (6): 933-945. [PDF]

Matthews S.N., and Rodewald P.G. 2010. “Movement behaviour of a forest songbird in an urbanized landscape: The relative importance of patch-level effects and body condition during migratory stopover”. Landscape Ecology. 25 (6): 955-965. [PDF]