Google Scholar -Module 6

Ever have trouble looking for journal articles that pertain to what you’re researching? Google scholar is a free and simple way to look for articles. It has easy access to thousands of scholarly literature, that can be found while using it like a regular search engine such as google, yahoo, or bing. You can even set up alerts to get access to the latest academic literatures such as developing medical stories, or any other current events happening. This feature is one of the tasks on the site where it gives you updated and recent information to a specific search term.
I came across a video discussing how to use Google Scholar more efficiently, for the best and quickest results. In the video he suggested when searching for your information try to use phrases or terms to bring up more accurate results. Using “AND” / “OR” between the searched terms to have a better variety of results for an upcoming essay or research. For example, you are searching for articles that pertain to global cites . A useful search using similar terminology would be “Global OR Metropolitan OR Cosmopolitan AND cities OR City” . This is just one useful tip on using google scholar to find journal articles. Watch the video below to learn more.
How to use Google Scholar to find Journals articles | Essay Tips