Distractions-module 7

Distractions ! They are literally everywhere waiting to trap us from our daily responsibilities. Then there is me- Instead of avoiding them I welcome them with open arms because I have no self control. This is mostly the reason why I procrastinate as I do and get anxiety. I feel useless at this point to where I lose all motivation to finish whatever I may have started in beginning of each day. If you are like me, fear not for I have the tips on how to improve this situation. If you’re not like me then continue to read as well because no one is perfect and it would be nice to share this with someone who may be struggling to stay focus.
I’ll share two out of the five steps I learned, if your interest is peaked while reading this feel free to click on the link down below.
Step 1- Use Applications, which are basically time management apps to help you focus and keep your schedule through out the day. It can be helpful if you want to track your time and also keep breaks and personal time for yourself. More like setting time aside for distractions later, and finishing your goals on time.
Step 2- Background Music , the you-tuber recommends a Spotify playlist called Deep Focus that plays calming sounds and music. However I recommend an app called “Calm” it has several mediation sounds, music and more to help with not only staying focus but anxiety, depression, or if you just want to relax or sleep. There is also several youtube videos that I watch to help me focus on my homework and it is really helpful. One of my favorites will be linked below as well, I encourage you to check out both videos below. Let me know if they have helped you!
How to Avoid Distractions and Stay Focused While StudyingStudy Music Alpha waves

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