Dealing with group members -Module 2

The video on dealing with group members interested me the most. During my time in high school and college, having group members always lead to problems. First, are the group members who are lazy and never can meet up to work on the projects. Next, are the group members who creates arguments and deny all the ideas you come up with, but still will not attempt to do any work for the project. Then, there are the group members who just do not attempt to do work at all and expect to receive 100 percent on the projects. These “group members” make college much more stressful than necessary, but after watching the video I learned tips to dealing with them.
The tips that I’m willing to try out is first in the “communication area” with my group members. As soon as a project is assigned it will be best to designate a part for each member to work on. I feel starting out in the beginning instead of waiting until the last minute can improve any potential issues. The video also mentioned an app to help keep assignments and projects organized called Asana. From the overview given I am willing to try it out on the next project I have. Another strategy that seems useful is creating mini-deadlines throughout a couple of weeks to complete the project. This will help with procrastination and regulate the group the work on the project instead of waiting until the last minute or the night before to complete it.