MAE Student Lecture Series (SLS)

Check out the official SLS webpage here.

The Parker Hannifin – MAE Department Student Lecture Series is a forum for graduate and BS/MS students to present their work in a learning environment to a general audience. The Student Lecture Series seeks to:

  • Provide an opportunity for graduate students to practice presenting their work.
  • Promote visibility of graduate work to students (undergraduate and graduate) and all other interested persons.
  • Facilitate discussion and exchange of ideas amongst graduate students and faculty of all MAE research fields.
  • Encourage a low-stress environment in which faculty and students of all levels an interact and learn from each other.

The format for the seminars is two 20 minute presentations with 10 minutes of questions to simulate a conference talk, or one 45 minute presentation with 15 minutes of questions, which could be used as practice for a dissertation defense or as interview preparation. The scope of the talks is at the discretion of the presenter, but presenters please be aware the audience will be far more general than what is encountered at a technical conference. The talks will be open to all students (undergraduate and graduate) and faculty.