New Students

Frequently Asked Questions:


Where should I live?

This question has several answers depending on a few factors. There are a few areas that are probably worth avoiding, but overall here are some recommendations:


Ohio State has a huge population of undergraduate and graduate students, most of whom live just off campus. There are different dynamics in the different areas that surround the campus.

  • South Campus is generally made up of Med students, Law students and other Grad students. The South Western area is called Victorian Village after the Victorian style houses that populate the area (very nice, but can be pricey). As a general rule, avoid living in the area just south of 8th and east of High Street in your 1st year at OSU – until you know exactly what you will be getting into.
  • The East-Central Campus area is mostly made up of fraternities and rowdy undergraduate students. This is a safe area to live, but often noisy.
  • North Campus is generally a mix of Undergrads, Graduate students and Business students. This portion of campus tends to be quieter, but not always. As you move away from campus to the north, it becomes quieter. About a mile north of campus begins an area called Clintonville. This is a very nice community where many grad students and young professionals live.


If you plan on living away from the collegiate lifestyle and driving to campus everyday there are a number of surrounding communities that are within a 10-20 minute drive.

  • Grandview is just west of campus and is populated mostly by young families and graduate and professional students. On most days a commute from Grandview would take 5-10 minutes.
  • Clintonville is just north of campus. This is a very nice community with a lot of families. A commute from Clintonville could take 5-10 minutes by car, but is on the COTA route and has a very nice bike path that leads to campus.
  • Right around Bethel and Henderson Roads there is a large community of Condominiums. This area is very nice and very close to a lot of shopping. The commute takes longer if you hit rush hour traffic. Most days you should be able to make it to campus in 20 minutes.
  • German Village is a really unique and quaint community in downtown Columbus. Any commute from downtown Columbus will probably take 15-20 minutes to get to campus.

What are some good places to eat?

There are a lot of great places to eat in Columbus, no matter how picky you are. For places near campus visit The Saver. For all Columbus dinning visit Columbus Alive. When in doubt, one can always turn to UrbanSpoon for  recommendations as well.

What are my banking options?

There are several national and regional banks to choose from. Huntington is the ‘Official Consumer Bank’ for OSU and, as such, there are many ATMs/branches scattered in and around campus.

What is the best way to get around campus?

For getting around campus, there are several options:

  • Walking: exercise!
  • Biking: make sure to invest in a good lock.
  • CABS buses: these run on regular schedules and will take you around campus and some of the surrounding areas
  • COTA buses: the Columbus buses can get you around the city. You can use your student ID to ride!
  • Commuting: parking passes can come at a premium but surface lots and covered garage options are available.

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Where are some places to shop?

Columbus has many options. Some examples include: