Three new UG researchers join the Team

The size of the Hydro and Aero Energy Group just doubled with the addition of three new undergraduate researchers. Simon, Xiaoran, and Reilly will all be pursuing an undergraduate thesis in the areas of Low-Head Hydropower and Hydrokinetics throughout 2020/21.

Pictured in the background is the research / teaching flume located in Hitchcock Hall.

Start to Academic Year 19/20

The Hydro and Aero Energy Group is kicking off the new academic year with the return of two students, TJ and Tommy, who will be conducting masters research in the group. This summer also saw the addition of a new member, Abby, who is also a masters student in the MAE department.

Prospective students

Please note: At this point no research funding is available to support Masters or PhD students. Students with alternative funding sources (e.g. teaching assistant roles or scholarships) are welcome to reach out to Dr. Belloni to discuss research opportunities (Masters only) once they have applied to OSU.

Summer research and start to new academic year

This summer has seen the kick off of the Hydro and Aero Energy Group. Several students conducted summer research internships  at the experimental flume facility at Central State University as well as at the OSU SIMCenter.

4 senior MAE students have been accepted to conduct an undergraduate thesis under Dr. Belloni’s supervision and will be spending the academic year working on their projects.

To find out more about the group members, please follow the links above.

A research group by Dr. Belloni

Welcome to the research group by Dr. Clarissa Belloni. This research group is just getting started and so is this webpage. Please check back later for more information.